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"Moving can be affordable. Let me prove to you what we are made of."

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"Moving can be affordable. Let me prove to you what we are made of."

Family-owned and operated since 2020, No Sweat Services INC has been proudly serving central Carolina for moves big and small. From rearranging the heavy furniture within the home to moving a 5000 sq ft house across the country, what may seem impossible to you looks like NO SWEAT to us! We are excited to announce our accolades for last year include the Angi 2022 Super Service Award and the Next Door 2022 Neighborhood Favorite Award.

I purposefully named us No Sweat Services and not No Sweat Moving CO because I wanted everyone to know that we see ourselves as a service provider first and foremost. Although our motto is, “We sweat so you don’t have to,” our philosophy is and always will be: “Think Like a Man of Action; Act Like a Man of Thought.” By that, I mean always be willing to jump into the situation and push that rock up the hill, but make sure you do so carefully and efficiently. In this business, you want brains just as much as brawn.

I have always been inspired by great teamwork, whether that be on an assembly line in a factory, a championship-winning team, or a platoon that takes the high ground. When individuals come together as a synchronized unit, the sum of the individuals is lesser than that of the whole. Nothing makes me more proud than seeing my team pull off the incredible challenges we face daily.

Starting my business was a natural progression for me. Throughout school, I was often pulled into helping friends/family move into their new homes. One summer, moving a friend across the state for a cold bag of burritos, I did the math and realized that I could pay bills if I did this more often. From there, I did moving jobs on the side until I lost my job when COVID-19 put everyone into lockdown. It was the perfect time to devote my career to helping people with something I truly enjoyed.

One of the best ways to make the day easier for us is to “whistle while we work.” We often tell dad jokes or rewrite lyrics to songs based on our situation. My favorite might be “My Feet Are on Fire” by Alicia Keys. I also make a point to do team outings such as TOP GOLF, Go-karting, pool cookouts, massage appointments, state fair, etc. I try to be the boss I wish I had.

My wife, Kasey, and I run this business as a great pair while raising my daughter Sorcha, 7 and our newborn son Oliver. We work 7 days a week to ensure our team and customers are in a safe and fair environment every time we enter a home. I am proud of all the good No Sweat Services has provided this community and look forward to setting a new standard for the industry.

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Feel confident about the team who’s moving you and your personal belongings. We Sweat to keep you less stressed with a smile.

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Let one of our estimators make a quote for you or choose the hourly rate. It’s that simple.


Sense of urgency is our middle name. From the time you reach out to our team for a quote to the actual move day, we’re on it.



How do I know I have a reputable moving company in NC?


The first thing I always recommend is to look up a company’s reviews! Not all companies focus on the same platform, but we are especially proud of our Google reviews and Thumbtack history. If you read the reviews and are not convinced that people love this company – then move on. The second criteria to check for is that in NC, all licensed moving companies must be offering you Full Value Protection as part of their services. If they are not, something is amiss and you should verify they are a licensed mover at the following website:


What do you mean by "Full Value Protection"


I have just hired a moving company for the first time and they charge by the hour, how can I save the most money throughout the process?


What is the "tipping policy" for movers?


I have been quoted for a long distance move from companies that say "dedicated" or "consolidated" freight. What does that mean?


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