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Welcome to the No Sweat Service’s Referral Program! Know someone who needs a moving company?

1. Fill Form

Start by filling out as much information as you can on the bottom of this page and we will contact them. We will send you a confirmation email once we enter their information in our referral system.

2. Confirm Job

If they decide to move with our moving company, we will give you a commission* from their move. We offer a 5% commission from labor costs* on all moves, local or long distance.

3. Cash In

We will contact you again on their move date or the next available business date letting you know how much their check will be! If you have any questions about our referral program, please email us at

Referral Form

Referrer (You)

Referree (Them)

Additional Referral Program Policies

*Referrers are only given a commission when they register a new customer to our company and that customer moves with our company. Only one commission will be given per referral (although people can refer as many people as they want). 

*You can not claim a commission of a move after it is completed. 

*If your move is broken up into more than one move, you will only receive a commission for the first move. The referral commission is only applicable if submitted through the online referral program. No Sweat Services will only distribute compensation for referral fees only if the referral submission was done prior to the move. 

*If a referral form was submitted but the (new) customer already contacted the company and received a quote, the referral fee will not be rewarded. The referral commission is derived from the commissionable amount of the job labor cost, not the total amount of the job. The commissionable amount does not include: direct expenses, tolls, gratuity, administrative fees, parking expenses, tickets, etc. They are subtracted from the job total before percentage is applied.